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We are your Authorized, Independent Kinetico Dealer for Brevard County, Florida. Offering whole home and drinking water systems that are powered by moving water, not electricity. Our systems are customized to your needs, minimizing waste and efficiently removing impurities from your water, and are backed by the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Please visit Kinetico or the following product links below for additional information.

Kinetico water systems offer a full product line for almost all water needs, problems, and all budgets. Click here to learn more about Kinetico’s Unique product qualities.

Let us show you how our water filter systems will SAVE you money!

City Water Systems

Remove hardness and chlorine in one simple system, without excess waste of water and chemicals.

Well Water Systems

Easily & Efficiently treat well water and rust stains without excess waste of water and chemicals.

Drinking Water Systems

This system, with its flex filter options is personally tailored to your specific water needs.